Mariposa Embryo Holder

Mariposa Embryo holder


Embryo Holders

The Embryo Holders (Straws) are designed for accurate processing of a single embryo, a series of single embryos, or multiple embryos at one time, depending on the user’s needs.

Each straw includes a filter that holds the embryo stationary during processing and allows for the solutions to flow constantly around the embryo, oocyte, or blastocyst. This eliminates the need to move or handle the embryo(s) during the preservation, freezing, and thawing processes. Based upon the settings electively programmed in the API, the varying concentrations of cryoprotectant solutions flow from the manifold and into the patented Holders, past the embryo, and finally, through the filter.

The Holders can also be used to continuously remove contaminated material while providing a constant flow of fresh media throughout the incubation process.