Our Technology

Mariposa has developed a system and associated devices designed to minimize osmotic shock, reduce handling, and provide for repeatable results regardless of operator or location.

Mariposa Osmolality Chart

The system can process single embryos, a series of single embryos or multiple embryos per straw.

Multiple straws can also be processed at the same time.

Our technology consists of three specific elements, the Automated Processing Instrument, Embryo Holders (straws), and Manifolds.


 The Automated Processing Instrument (API)

Mariposa API syringes

The API is a programmable, computer controlled, multi-channel, micro-fluidic device that provides highly specific control of osmolality, temperature and cycle time.


Embryo Holders (Straws).

Patented straw and filter designs allow continuous flow of cryoprotectant solutions around the embryo, oocyte or blastocysts.

The filters are also designed for providing a constant flow of culture media during incubation by constantly removing contaminated media and providing fresh solution throughout the culture process.


Mariposa fluid mixing manifold

Multi-arm solution-supply manifolds provide for delivery of the processing solutions or culture media.