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At Mariposa we have developed, validated and patented a computer controlled, multi-channel, micro-fluidic device that provides highly specific control of osmolality, temperature and cycle time.  By systematically controlling cryopreservation solutions, we can eliminate osmotic shock, reduce embryo handling and increase overall survival.

Initially developed and validated for the human IVF laboratories, the system is designed to systematically merge cryoprotective agents in a highly accurate and repeatable manner for the cryopreservation and/or reanimation of embryo, blastocysts and oocytes.


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We are now focused on the optimizing the system for use in the large animal industry providing a transferable process for Artificial Insemination (AI).  The Mariposa system provides a platform for mass producing embryos of a specific genetic traits to producers globally.

The system includes an Automated Processing Instrument (API), Straw / Embryo Holders and Manifold Systems


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The Mariposa System is designed to:

  • Eliminate osmotic shock
  • Reduce embryo handling
  • Improve overall survival
  • Can be used for slow freeze or vitrification solutions